Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Wisdom of Henry #83

It is always darkest before the fat lady sings.

Also, it isn't over until Henry says it is over, dammit. Remember, I have the universe in my linen cupboard, and I'm not afraid to abuse it.


Blogger carouselle10 said...

I beg to differ. I say it's always darkest while the fat lady is singing, because she blocks out the light.

9:38 am  
Blogger Dan 'N' Loretta said...

See, and there I thought the universe was sitting on the end of a gigantic toothbrush. Now I know better. If I ever want to go looking for it, I'll know where to start!

10:40 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Good point.

Easy mistake to make. That is a different universe on the toothbrush. A much better one too. No doubt this says something fundamental about the nature of reality, but I am too lazy to think too much about it.

1:23 pm  
Blogger Ms Bees Knees said...

Trouble rides a fast... Bee! or Words are like bees, they have honey and a sting or how about, He who would gather honey must bear the sting of the bees. Bzzzzzz! Ah the wonders of proverbs.

2:29 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

He who would gather honey must bear the sting of the beekeeper's shotgun.

2:48 pm  
Blogger corpus said...

I think you need to come by my blog sometime. You're beginning to not make sense and that's a sign of a lack of sex and or not reading my blog. See a doctor.

5:12 pm  
Blogger Lorraine said...

You have linen in your cupboard? How quaint, but I don't like opera!

6:09 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

It must be the sex thing, because I've been stopping by your blog. Lurking I suppose, since I haven't left comments. I will see the witch doctor in the morning.

Well I prefer Firefox, but Opera is ok, I guess.

10:10 pm  

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