Friday, March 31, 2006

Henry the Presumably Innocent

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero.

"Excuse me officer, I saw what happened," says a strangely familiar voice. It is as though I have met the person before or something.

"Did you?" The policeman is looking at somebody directly behind me.

"No, I did not. But I may have just seen somebody running a red light," explains June. She is now visible to my left, an expression of hopeful helpfulness on her face.

"Right. Stand aside please." For some reason he seems unimpressed by June's willingness to assist. The policeman turns back to me. "Now, tell me what happened."

"I do not know, officer. I was in another state at the time."

"Five minutes ago?"


"You were interstate five minutes ago?" The flickering light of a massive raging fire - sorry, alleged fire - lights up his face, revealing an expression of slightly extreme skepticism, as though for some strange reason he suspects that I am not being entirely honest.

"Um... It could have been six minutes..."


Blogger Lorraine said...

You should give June more air time, she's always so willing to help. LOL

5:33 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

That's why she's called Helpful June.

I do feel guilty though, because I have been neglecting June.

5:38 pm  
Blogger Jaws said...

I knew I saw you in City of Heros!

10:43 am  
Blogger Ben said...

What is City of Heroes?

Googling........ Ah, a computer game. I see. Interesting.

11:33 am  

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