Saturday, March 04, 2006

Henry Incensed

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero.

Today I am roaming the incense factory in search of supervillians. I am uncertain what these strange smelling sticks are meant to do. June tells me that they may hold the secret to personal happiness and wellbeing, and if that is the case then surely the evil criminal mastermind slave lords must be behind it all. Somehow. Or something like that.

But I have no time to wait for my ultra-turbocharged brain to work out exactly why I am here. I must act, now.

"Hey!" I appear to have been spotted, "You can't come back here."

I stand tall, legs spread, fists on hips, striking a superheroic pose designed to strike fear into the hearts of all who opopose me.

"Also," she continues, "Why are you wearing your boxer shorts on the outside?"

"Ha!" As though the evil fiend does not recognize me. Such foolishness, to think that she can fool Henry the Adequate, superhero. "I am Henry the Adequate, superhero!"

"Riiiight," she says, with a note of slightly extreme skepticism in her voice, "And I am Xena, Warrior of Incense!"

Finally, a worthy adversary. "I will crush you Xena, warrior of Incense, and then I will find your masters, the Mystickal Incense Lords, and put and end to their evil plans for world domination!"

"Well, Henry the Adequate, I will find these policeman here, who were notified when you broke into the building, and put an end to your whatever-it-is you're doing."



Blogger Lorraine said...

mmmm...I was hoping being mystical and all, she'd make you disappear into a cloud of incense. I'd like to see you fight your way out of those vapors Oh Mighty Henry :)

7:40 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Yes, wouldn't that be nice.

9:44 am  

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