Friday, February 24, 2006

The Wisdom of Henry #68

The joys of procrastination. Coming soon. Soonish.

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Blogger carouselle10 said...

Oh! at last a subject I can relate to. I could write odes to joy, poems of great depth, volumes of sacred verse on this subject. Hallelujah! Procrastination, the only way to fly!

7:52 am  
Blogger Ben said...

"could write", but are not going to, right? At least not yet. Maybe one day.

8:17 am  
Blogger carouselle10 said...

Yes,ou know me too well young grasshopper.
That's why I chose could instead of will.

8:52 am  
Blogger SquareGirl said...

hold on...had a clever comment, but will get to it later

3:37 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

You shouldn't hurry these things.

5:48 pm  
Blogger corpus said...

I was going to say something clevwer as well but you had me at "soonish"

7:10 pm  
Blogger corpus said...

um clever, uh yeah.

7:10 pm  
Blogger Lorraine said...

I'm stumped...I'll think of something later

9:00 pm  
Anonymous isis said...

Hey Ben- could you email me the html code for that funny link to henry from your blue blog? Please? It is too funny and I want it as my blog link to yours.

My email:

thanks doll!

9:54 pm  
Blogger Lorraine said...

Ok I got one: tra la la la

11:02 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Yes, that is very clevwer.
re linking to Henry:
This is the best explanation I can give.

Well done.

6:28 pm  

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