Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday Posting

The time has come for all who believe in the christmas spirit to rejoice, etc etc. Those individuals should definitely avoid tomorrow's (Dec 25) Henry episode, since it is a bit of a downer really, and somewhat anti-christmas-spirit, and also contains rude words.

For the period beginning today until January 30 I will be on holiday from my real work - that other thing I do for which I receive compensation sufficient to allow the purchase of some stale bread for my family, but hey, it pays better than writing this crap. And anyway, I do get free toilet paper.

During the aforementioned period Henry postings will become somewhat intermittent, and maybe you are now thinking "Right, so by intermittent you mean, of course, there will be no postings," but things are not that bad. I have a few episodes already written in advance, and do not want to stop altogether, since it is something I enjoy, so with any luck things will not be so different. Notice that I am being deliberately vague. This is because I want you all to come and check for updates each day and possibly even click on the google ads. If enough people click on the google ads I might be able to afford a second loaf of bread next christmas.

If you are going away for the holidays please find yourself a replacement. Suggest "Henry the Adequate" to a couple of friends, but only if you don't really value them as friends. Add to the bottom of all your christmas cards. Ok, so it's a bit late to suggest that, but you get the idea. Drop Henry's name in casual conversation. "Pass the salt please... Thanks. Henry the Adequate is really good at passing salt, by the way." If you know any really famous people, such as Tamara Thorne, or Sting, or maybe that famous actor guy - you know the one - send them over here and then maybe they could mention Henry in interviews and books and songs and seances, and stuff.

But whatever you do don't tell my mum.


Blogger Lorraine said...

I love Jesus. I predict you'll miss the hero-worshipping you get and won't be able to restrain yourself from checking who's out there swearing.
Stale bread is great for bread pudding.
My brother-in-law Jim has a lot of friends. When he greets me with his usual : Hey how 'ya doing ugly. I'll tell him that Henry the Adequate has a flame thrower.
I know then he'll hug me. He's a curler, he has many friends.
There's also a famous French singer whose father's step-wife' sisters I used to baby sit. She won't remember me, but the daughter of a man I used to babysit for, well the man actually knows her. I'll pass it on.
and a very merry Christmas to your mum.

11:15 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

That's the spirit. Thanks for spreading the word.

7:29 am  

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