Friday, December 02, 2005

Henry in Wonderland - Part 2

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero.

I set out to explore this strange world, after first noting that the building I emerged from is labelled "Chaos Point 402".

The buildings and streets are strangely not unlike our own. In fact some of them appear to be identical to those at home. Perhaps this is some kind of parallel dimension, such as you might find on the other side of a trans-dimensional portal. Interestingly, in this world my local bank has not been reduced to a pile of ash and rubble. I go inside and attempt to withdraw money, but if there is a Henry the Adequate in this reality he must bank someplace else. Perhaps I am unique in all dimensions.

So I move on, pausing only to burn the bank to the ground.

As I explore I find many striking similarities between this and my own world. I even help an old lady to cross the street, but she does not appear to recognize me.

The one really significant difference, apart from the robot overlords, and the dancing pigs, and the strange hue, are those massive structures labelled as Chaos Points. I think I must get a closer look at one of those chaos points, and then head for home before somebody notices that this storyline is a complete rip-off of Sliders.

I head back toward Chaos Point 402, through which I arrived, carefully avoiding any robotic contact. I notice a mechanoid approaching from the direction I am headed, riding high and proud on its giant pink rat. Quickly I duck into the nearest store until it has passed. So swiftly and subtly do I move that not even somebody with really fast eyes can follow my actions, or detect my brilliant subtefuge.

"You cannot hide from the Robot Lords of Chaos, fool." An old man with feathers in his hair and a shimmering walking stick shambles out of the shadows. He is either blind, or he really enjoys touching things. "You are not from this world," he says as he approaches. He prods my face with his fingers for a while then announces, "I see that you are a moron."

"You are indeed wise, old man." Well, apart from the moron bit, anyway.


Blogger JoeC said...

Why ya avoid bots, just burn them down, oh btw, make your way to the tax dept. and burn down that as well.


1:37 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Henry's brain is much larger and cleverer than yours. It is therefore quite likely that he has some form of brilliant plan in there.

Also please keep in mind that any plot inconsistencies you may appear to experience are merely a figment of your fragmentation.

Henry is afraid of the tax dept. You should be too.

1:50 pm  

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