Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Henry and the Junes

I drag myself upright, or approximately upright, tendrils of pain wrapping themselves about my brain like an enormous thing with many pain-inducing tendrils. My superhuman senses immediately inform me that only a few minutes have passed. I determine this by precise measurement of the angle of the sun, and by looking at my watch.

There is no time to lose. I notice that my sister's car is still here. Excellent. I hurry into the shops, determined to rescue June from the evil clutches of the evil overlordess (overlady?) Dizzy Louise. This time nothing will stop me. This time I shall prevail over the forces of darkness and their clever dominatrix, Miss Lou. I will...

... walk into a wall. Ouch. Apparently I am still slightly disoriented as a result of having been knocked momentarily unconscious. It matters not. My superhuman healing powers will soon set that right, and meanwhile I must continue looking for Helpful June and her noxious captor.

"June!" I grab a June-looking person by the shoulder and spin her around to face me, but it turns out to be a large, bald, heavily tatooed biker with an enormous beard. Yes, my superhuman healing powers are definitely starting to work. I appologize to the biker chap by falling down under the gentle influence of his fist, and allowing him to kick me for a while.

I am feeling much more healed now, and my vision is beginning to return to normal. "June!" I grab a June-looking person by the shoulder and spin her around to face me, "Oh, sorry officer."

"You ok?" The police man is eyeing my lumps and bruises and, yeah, there's probably a certain amount of blood also.

"Yes, yes, fine thanks. You know, just doing some shopping, and stuff. Sorry to bother you." I cannot allow these distractions to distract me from my mission here, which is to rescue Helpful June.

I hurry off, because I am sure I have spotted her for real at last. I do not know why she is wearing a collar and walking on all fours, but I am certain this will become clear, in time.


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