Thursday, November 03, 2005

Henry the Shadow

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero.

I stalk my prey. I am an expert stalker, due not only to my super speed and agility, but also to my ability to blend into the background and to move silently except for the sound of me dictating these notes. I stalk like a particularly talkitive cat.

Anyway, I keep to the shadows. I am the shadow incarnate, the uber-shadow. My shadowness knows no bounds. The quarry is utterly unaware of me as I slide effortlessly through the darkness. My super-stealth powers cloak me in such a shroud of mystery, the reader does not even notice that I have copied the last couple of paragraphs from a previous story.

But this time I do not reveal myself so readily. The quarry enters a run-down looking warehouse, sliding the masive door just wide enough for his passage, then allowing it to slam home behind. Like a shot it echoes through the deserted street. I approach and open the door a crack.

He is speaking with somebody. The other shifts, and a shaft of light strikes her perfect features... Louise, my evil sister!

I can hear little of their conversation, even with my highly tuned senses. There are a few words... robot... river... ready... Perhaps they are practicing alliteration. There may also have been mention of Gummi Bears. I am uncertain.

Then it is over and my sister gone, presumably through another entrance. The minion approaches. As he slides open the door I step forward, taking him completely by surprise, and knock him out with one blow from my mighty fist. I will take him back to my lair, and find out what he knows...

[to be continued]


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