Saturday, November 12, 2005

Henry and June Investigate

"Will you stop looking at me like that. I was having a dream, dammit."

"Sorry. Here it is. Sprocket's Robotics."

I tear the door off and we enter. "The robot I fought couldn't fit in here." It is a small store, with a workshop attached. It is also kind of noisy, with a weeee oooo weee ooo sound screeching and tearing at my hyper-sensitive eardrums. I wonder if there might have been some kind of alarm system attached to the door. "I'll check out the workshop. You look for clues here."


The long walls of the workshop have wide benches stacked with various tools and instruments, and robotic toys in varies stages of disrepair. At the far end is a beer fridge stocked with beer. I drink several, just to make sure they really are what they seem. You can't be too careful in the superhero trade. To emphasize this point I tip a box of parts onto the floor and fill it with alleged beer, for later testing.

I examine several of the robots but none of them attempt to crush me beneath their feet, or claw out my eyes, or make me their sex slave. [note to self: don't type that last bit]

The walls are busy with posters, circuit diagrams, and calendars featuring the kind of things that are usually featured in workshop calendars. One or two of these fall into my box of alleged beer. There is no ceiling, but instead a formless shimmering mass of nothingness that looks remarkably like a portal to another dimension. Or what I imagine one of those would look like. I wander back out to the store to see how June is doing with her investigations.

"Did you find anything Henry?" She is seated at a large, untidy desk, examining an invoice book, and a pile of delivery dockets.

"Nothing unusual. Though I do have this box of potentially incriminating evidence to examine." I quickly flip one of the calendars over so it is face-down. "We'd better get out of here before somebody notices the alarm. "

"Ok. Think I've photocopied most of the interesting stuff anyway." She shoves a pile of papers into her backpack and we head for the exit. "Your place, later?"

"Yeah, come about nine." We split up. On the way home I discover that several more of the bottles do indeed contain beer. Maybe I should have told June to come around after lunch. Mmm food. I stop for a kebab.


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Blogger Ben said...

Thanks MR Anonymous. I will visit your star war movie poster site and purchase many exciting star war movie posters because I am a pathetic geek with no life.

Oh, and the movie is called "Star Wars", loser.

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Would you like to pet my monkey?

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Okay, had to get that outta my system.
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Blogger Ben said...

I am a pineapple. I am a lobster. I am afraid of your new avatar. Scary.

Hope you enjoy the post.

Mr Anonymous:
Gee I've been called a lot of things before, but not informative. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Oh, and a FILTHY SPAM MERCHANT WHO DESERVES TO BE BITTEN BY RABID MONKEYS.

6:12 am  
Anonymous smilesr4u said...

Kebabs...not tuna? I am beginning to worry. Damn I need my can opener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many exclamtion points.

4:50 pm  
Blogger Ben said...


I know exactly what you are talking about. This thought must be terrifying to mere mortals.

5:15 pm  
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Die Scumbag spam merchant! Die!

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