Sunday, October 02, 2005

Henry Saves the World

My name is Henry the Adequate and I am a superhero.

The guy's sign says "THE END IS NIGH".

What could it mean? I use my keen superhero deductive powers. "The end of what?" I ask him.

"THE END OF THE WORLD" he says, in a voice as loud as his sign.

"You evil fiend". I realize now that he is a supervillain, and I must thwart his super scheme to end the world. I smash his sign using my super strength, no doubt thereby destroying the "End of World Super Chip" (or EOWSC) that is embedded in it. I take him to the police but they do not want him, presumably because their prisons cannot hold such an evil super genius. One of them threatens that they will arrest me if I do not let him go.

The forces of evil have agents everywhere, even in the Police.

I release the arch fiend, but grab him again as soon as we are out of sight of the police station. What to do?

I put him in my basement. I am sure the noise will stop as soon as I have finished laying the last few bricks.


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