Thursday, October 06, 2005

Henry Saves the Day

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero.


I take in the situation immediately. Bag snatcher is fleeing. Pretty lady calling out for help. Very pretty actually. Blonde unkempt hair - well not unkempt, but that kind of designer lack of kempt that probably requires significant effort to maintain. You know, Rod Stewart kind of unkempt. Only not a guy. (Rod Stewart is a guy, right?). Lips, pouting, struggling to draw my attention from the deep eyes that peer between golden locks...

"Help!!". Oh yeah, the bag snatcher. My super speed allows me to overtake him with ease. He sees me and pulls a knife from somewhere, swings wildly, misses, and falls to the ground unconscious as a well timed blow from my mighty super fist finds its target.

Hmm, that was too easy. Perhaps this is a diversion. I scan the area immediately for giant chickens.

"Thank you, thank you. Um... hi I'm Justine." Her eyes peer deeply into mine, as though attempting to impart some cosmic truth. Her tongue flicks briefly accross those tender lips...

Something is definitely going on here. I just can't put my finger on it. My super senses are detecting all kinds of unfamiliar signals and subtexts. "You're not a shapeshifter are you?"

"A what?"

"Or a giant chicken?"

"No." She looks a little confused. "Actually I was just going to suggest that maybe we could..."

"What was that!" I catch a flash of colour at the corner of my eye. Dammit I knew this was some kind of diversion. There must be a supervillain of some kind behind the bag snatcher. I grab the petty crook and drag him back to my hideout for questioning.


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