Monday, October 03, 2005

Henry Investigates

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a super sleuth.

I question a suspicious looking old lady. "Where were you when the liquor store guy got shot?"

"If you try to take me across the road again I'm going to have you killed."

Mmm. Suspicious. I take my findings to the police but they do not seem interested. "The security cameras show a man in his thirties," explains the investigating officer.

Clearly the old lady is some kind of shape-shifting supervillain. I must watch her very closely. Fortunately my super-stamina allows me to stakeout her house almost indefinitely without need for sustenance or rest.

19:00 - Nothing is happening.
19:05 - Nothing.
19:10 - Oh the interminable boredom.
19:11 - I realize that my super-dimensional ultra-wave powers will allow me to watch her, even from the comfort of my own home, and while watching TV.

I pick up a pizza on the way home.


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