Monday, October 24, 2005

Henry Examines the Crime Scene

My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero.

I scan the debris with my ultra-sensitive xray, spectrum-analysing, spy-ray vision, examining ash, rubble, and shards of glass from the macro down to the molecular level. Nothing escapes my keen senses. I detect traces of a special explosive developed by my sister and myself when we were in preschool.

"Seems to have been some kind of gas leak," remarks a policeman to an officious looking official.

Uh... My super-senses detect evidence of a gas leak of some kind.

But wait! Beneath the rubble my spy-ray vision detects scorch marks fanning out from a central point as though Dizzy had stood in this spot and swept the area with her Super-powered ultra heat vision...

"The rupture in the gas line seems to have occurred over here," continues the policeman.

... or alternatively this could be the spot where the gas explosion originated.

Yes I really am getting the picture now. The pieces of the puzzle are gradually coming together to form a coherent whole. And soon I shall have my cake and eat it too, and the pigeons will come home to roost. I decide that, although I could examine the crime scene until the cows come home, I have all the information I need and should let sleeping dogs lie.

Also, I ordered pizza twenty minutes ago and it will be ready by now. I like pizza.


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