Friday, October 07, 2005

Henry and the Shapeshifter

So I am outside the old lady's house again. As you are no doubt aware she is really a shapeshifting demon supervillain, possibly from another dimension.

Suddenly a small dog wanders out. Or something that looks like a small dog. My super-senses are so highly tuned that even this cunning disguise does not fool me. I grab the nasty shapeshifter and head for home.

I question it for several hours. Since I am on my own I must play both the good cop and the bad cop. This quickly becomes rather confusing. I am giving the dog a drink of water when suddenly I knock the bowl flying from my hand to smash against the wall. "He gets nothing until he answers our questions," I tell myself.

I am threatening the demon with live electrodes when the doorbell rings. I drop the electrodes and head upstairs to answer it. "No I don't want to buy a new vacuum cleaner."

Back downstairs I notice that the electrodes have fallen in a pool of water. I discover this by stepping in the water - a foolproof method, since the massive discharge of electricity is hard to ignore. Fortunately my superpowers save me.

The dog apparently does not have superpowers. Now, where did I put my shovel.


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