Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Henry and Louise - Age Five

At five I probably should have known there was something wrong with my sister.

Although not at full strength our powers were developing rapidly, and my hyper-xray vision had already enabled me to isolate several exotic elements that I named Jelly-Bean-ite, Poo-Poo-Stuff, and GI-Joe-Joe-Juice.

It was a clear day - a day that would have been hot were it not for the breeze that whispered through the swings and see-saws. My sister's ability to control the weather also helped.

"Hey Louise, what you doing?" She had created a depression in the sand pit, and was staring intently into it.

"Henry, come here... And call me Dizzy".


"Dizzy is my new name. Look - I'm mixing up some Poo-Poo-Stuff and GI-JJJ and Jelly-Bean-ite, and make it really hot..." The quantites of super-exotic elements she employed were so microscopic that I had to use my micro-xray vision just to see them. She had indeed heated the mixture using her heating-upper powers.

"What is it?"

"ah, just stuff. Come with me..."

We move over beneath the slide. The side facing the sand-pit had a hastily-constructed wall that appeared to be glass, but to my super-senses was much more that that...

At this point a bolt of lightning struck the sandpit from the cloudless sky. There are no words to describe what happened next. I stood and stared at the smouldering ruins of a small country town while my sister laughed gleefully beside me. This is the moment I should have suspected that Louise was indeed fundamentally broken. "Hmmm," she pondered, with a look of self-satisfaction, "I think I'll call it Voom"

Even at five I understood what had just happened, and my sharp mind immediately saw the horrifying implications. "You blew up everything. How will we get pizza now?!"


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